Where is Khao Lak on the World Map? 

Khao Lak area is located in Phang Nga Province of Thailand. Phang Nga province is in South of Thailand of Andaman Coastal or you can easy imagine Khao Lak is distant about 65 Kilometers north of Phuket. If drive from Phuket international Airport it take time just 1.20 hours then it very easy for you to visit here.

Khao Lak is just the name of one village in sub-district of Lam Kean, Thai muang District of Phang Nga Province but the area that tourists are know well as the paradise for holiday they called overall on ” Khao Lak “ is located in another district nearby Thai Muang local are call this district name is Takuapa district and Khao Lak where people come for relax is Bang Niang Sub-district.

Bang Niang is compose of 5 sub-districts are Bang la Own,  Khuekkhak, Cape Pakarang and Bang Sak. Areas from north to south are:

1.Bang La Own or tourists call Khao Lak Center is the center of this place for shopping, bars, night clubs, restaurants, shops , guest houses and hotels. Nang Thong beach is one of nice place for beach lover who love beach activity such as swim, sun bathing , sports or sun suet watching.

2.Bang Niang is located  next from Khao Lak Center or drive just 2-3 kilometers, here is bigger than Khao Lak Center but complete of shopping, bars, night clubs, restaurants, shops , guest houses and hotels. The 4 local markets located in Bang Niang.

4 Local Markets in Bang Niang are:

1. Chong Fah -Bang Niang Market that located opposite with Tsunami Museum Memorial (Police Boat Tor 813) . This market is opening from 15.00 hrs-19.00 hrs on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

2.Build Market day time and Night Market  located opposite the community pool in Bang Niang. This market is compose of Build Market Day time that opening 16.00 hrs – 19.30 hrson every Tuesday. Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Night time Build Market container zone is daily opening.

3. Bang Niang Fresh Market located near Bang Niang Bus Terminal is opening in every day from early morning  6 am – 3 pm.

4. New Market nearby PTT Gas station in Khuekkhak Bang Niang is open on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 4.00 pm -7 pm.

Beaches in Khao Lak, Thailand from South to North are:

1.Merlin Beach in Lam Kean Sub-district

2..Sunset Beach and Haad Lek beach

3.Nang Thong beach

4.Bang Niang beach

5.Khuekkhak beach

6.Memorie beach

7.Pakarang Beach

6.Pak Weeb beach

7.Tap Tawan Beach

8.Bang Sak Beach

9.Another beaches near Ban Num Khem on Ko Khao Island but need to visit Ban Num Khem pier first then jump to this island with ferry to this quiet island but nice beaches surround.

How to get to Khao Lak, Thailand

Flying to Khao Lak
Short time and the best way for you to get to Khao Lak is fly to Krabi or Phuket International Airport. Both airports can be accessed by international and domestic flights.
Fly from Bangkok to Phuket is about an hour and ten minutes and then you can drive from Phuket International Airport to Khao lak by road 1.20 hrs but if you do not plan to drive by your own just book airport transfer form some Khao Lak airport transfer that you can trust like CK Transfer or Charoenkit Corporation Co.,Ltd for arranging this trip for you.

Please see more information on CK Transfer Service for Airport Transfer Services here:

Getting the train to Khao Lak
No train station in Khao Lak but only nearby train station is in Suratthani so you can drop in Suratthani town then have to continue by bus or taxi to Khao Lak by road. There is no train station in Khao Lak, but you can travel to Surrathani by train and then take a bus or taxi from there. This way for tourists we not recommend because it take time too long over 3 hrs drive but if your holiday plan is start from here to Khao Lak you can try.

Getting the bus to Khao Lak
From South to North Khao Lak is located between Phuket and Bang kok for drive trip on the main road of Petchkasem road no.4 so is easily to getting to Khao Lak by bus from Phuket or Bangkok.

Weather on the Andaman Coast

1.Summer Season on November- March is a great time to visit Khao Lak, Thailand but because the world weather is lots of changing some time rain a bit.

2. Rainy Season or Green Season on May – October, this time in the area will very green and you can feel hard rain but not everyday some time just rain in the afternoon but sun shine in the morning.

Thing To Do In Khao Lak, Thailand

1.  Experience with the stunning tropical landscapes, 
Lots of peaceful quiet and pristine beaches of Khao Lak area is more beautiful when you view them from Khao lak mountain. As you hear about Andaman Sea is the land of islands with limestone cliffs views and varities of many island that you can visit such as Phang Nga Bay or James Bond Island. Also Green forest explore is very nice activities that you can do for white water rafting, Bamboo Rafting, canoeing , biking, trekking or water fall visiting. Rain forest in Phang Nga Province of Thailand or Khao Sok National Park the area nearby Khao Lak is the perfect ancient green forest in this world so wildlife is abundance with numerous of animals, birds and biodiversity of plants. Its place that perfect for nature lover for plan to adventure in the best jungle of Thailand.

2.Underwater experiences
Do not miss to explored underwater in Khao Lak , Thailand because the area is located on Andaman Sea so for diving or snorkelling paradise is such a nice plane to do. You can you to Similan Island the world recorded 1-10 Best Diving destination  from Thaplamu per that located not far from Khao Lak and take speed boat 1 hour to the Island.

Surin Island is the best snorkeling site in Thailand located on North of Khao Lak, It easy to go there with tour agencies for day trip or overnight programs that they offer.

3. Make New friends with local or join them activities.

4.Local market visit for see lots of thing and local way of life.

5.Culture learning such as visit schools , museums or temples.

6. Explore the area by road trip  with car, motorbike or bicycle.

7.Enjoy beach times for swim, relax, play sport, sun bathing or surfing at the memory beach or Pakarang beach.

8. Enjoy Thai food or Thai Cooking classes

9. List you holiday plan  and book your  nice trip example Khao Sok National Park, Khao Lak one dya trip or Phuket City tour and more…

10. Design more thing to do while you find new friend in Khao Lak, Thailand you can get many nice ideas from them if they are local they known the area very well.

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