1. New super market name “Mother Marche ” located on Petchkasem road in Khuekkhak, Bang Niang, Khao Lak, Thailand.
  2. Night market at the Build Market is open every night.
  3. Nang Thong Beach is good for watching sun set.
  4. To see lots of local just go to the local market.
  5. Build Factory Night Club in Bang Niang you can see lots of young Thai girl there.
  6. If stay along time in Khao Lak, Thailand you can go to Fresh local market for buy ingredients for cook it more save cost to stay here.
  7. Only 1 bus station to go to Bangkok located in Bang Niang, Khao Lak Thailand.
  8. Payapa Salad is famous for local Thai.
  9. Southern people love Spicy food.
  10. There are 2-3 beaches you can surf , Nang Thong beach, Memory beach and Pakarang beach.
  11. Lots of local love to eat Durian.
  12. Thai student in Khao Lak, Thailand wear uniform.
  13. Songkran or Thai New year is a good time for local to enjoy and party.
  14. Seafood dish is expensive more than pork or chicken dish in Khao Lak, Thailand
  15. Gas station is not open 24 hours is open 6.00 am close at 8.00 pm.
  16. 7-Eleven make life it easy and tourist can buy lots of thing here. In Khao Lak, Thailand there are 6 7-Eleven shops.
  17. Many Tour Agencies and Tour Counters in Khao Lak, Thailand.If you look for cheap prices please recheck and walk around first.
  18. Only 1 Cabaret Show in Khao Lak, Thailand name ” The Moo Moo Cabaret Show”.
  19. Only 1 language school name ” Khao Lak Language School ” located in Bang Niang Khao Lak, Thailand near TMB Bank. At here you can learn Thai , English or French.
  20. When Thai people drink they love to eat also.
  21. Careful to use some product if too cheap  for example some tour, cosmetics , tours or transfer because the quality it may not good.
  22. Surin island is good for snorkeling and more quiet than Similan Islands but more distant.
  23. Khao Sok National Park or James Bond Island trip can go all year not only summer time.
  24. In rainy season in Khao Lak, Thailand the weather is so change it seem like summer time in some season.
  25. Local eat lots of local vegetables with spicy curry.
  26. Easy Thai food that local love to order is Stir-fried Mined Pork or Chicken or Seafood with Basil plus Fried Egg on Top.
  27. Lots of food delivery by tricycle such as Papaya Salad, Grill Chicken, Noodle Soup or dessert  when you see you can show your hand signal them to park then enjoy you day.
  28. In Khao Lak, Thailand is variety of people from everywhere not only local, there are Western, local Thai, Chinese, Philippines Asian, Burmese and Thai from other region who come for work in service jobs,  hotel or massage shop.
  29. People use motorbike more than bicycle in Khao Lak, Thailand.
  30. Waterfall its will more beautiful in Rainy season but it may dangerous.
  31. In khao Lak, Thailand not only have expensive hotels but you also can find budget hotel ,guesthouse or hostel to stay.
  32. Zipline in Khao Lak is Amazing , funny & safety.
  33. Flower shop names Me Style Flower , this shop is next to TMB Bank.
  34. Rawai Muay Thai is nice for Thai Boxing Training.
  35. Need Delivery Motorbike for Rent to your hotel in Khao Lak, It easy just book with CK transfer by or call directly to +66 63 0853599 we speak English and Thai.
  36. Buy 1 National Park ticket at Chong Fah waterfall you also can go to Haad Lek beach at Khao Lak Lumru National Park for free.
  37. Local bus from Khao Lak to Phuket ,Start from Takuapa at 6 am will pass Khao Lak at 8 am. These red local bus offfen every 1 hour and finish at 6 pm.
  38. Phu View is a local restaurant where you can see 360 seaviews of Khao Lak. This restaurant located in Khao Lak Center of Bang La Own.
  39. In rainy season in Khao Lak you can find lots of local fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits.

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